Welcome Art Meetups to Interactive Newsletter/Blog

Running a meetup takes a lot of time and effort. Lot of members have questions about the “LA art world” and meetup events. To be a better organizer/docent I created an attractive blog called “ArtZilla.” It is a blog for art-related meetups, especially for “Art and Museums Enthusiasts,” “ArtMinute,” and “LA Art Parties.” It is a tool for organizers, interactive and educational for the members. By joining forces here with other art related meetups, we can negotiate for better discounts at events for our roving LA art parties and meetups. My goal is to reach out to over 5,000 members. be sure to subscribe to “ARTZILLA” to be “in the know.”


  • Promote: past, current, and upcoming venues for meetup programming
  • Promote: Meetup organizers may submit profile picture and short bio, if they want
  • Links: to online art press and video reviews
  • Links: to calendars of events (under construction)
  • Educational: Top documentaries on Art History (construction ongoing)
  • Educational: Artist Interviews and Websites
  • Fun: Connect socially online
  • Fun: Members with writing experience can submit brief articles about the art we see.
  • Fun: Articles
  • Helpful Listings: For Artist opportunities (under construction)



ArtZilla Blogger


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